Berean Baptist Church was planted by Heritage Baptist Church of Haslet, Texas. The first service was held on August 22, 2010 in a storefront building.  We began with 22 people in attendance that first Sunday.  We held a week of meetings September 19-23, to introduce our church to the community.  We had a high attendance of 45.

THEME:  Each One Reach One
The Lord allowed us to see tremendous growth in our first full year as a church.  In 2011 we had approximately 40 souls saved, 11 baptized, 24 people joined the church, and we had a high day of 113 in attendance!  We also took our first four missionaries on for support.  We had a wonderful one year anniversary service.  We had a contest between both sides of the church.  If my side won then Bro. Raymond had to get his hair dyed green, if he won then I had to shave my head, and if we had 100 in attendance then we both had to go through with it.  Praise the Lord we both looked ridiculous after that service, but God was glorified!

THEME:  Look Unto Jesus
We have been privileged to grow every year since our conception.  In 2012 we were able to see approximately 90 saved, 21 baptized, and we had a high day of 141 in attendance!  This year we took three new missionaries on for financial support, we began a bus ministry, and we started our junior church.

THEME:  Making A Difference
Berean Baptist Church held its last service at the storefront on Dec.29, 2013.  The Lord allowed us to baptize 5 individuals on the very last service!  The church found 8 acres in a prime location for a great price!  We decided to step out by faith and begin the process of building our first facility.  The church had 46 salvations, 13 baptisms, and 20 folks join the church in 2013.  This year had some great highlights such as our first ever Love Thy Neighbor event, a wonderful church camp in which we saw 2 teenagers saved a 3 called into the ministry, and our very special organization service was held on our 3 year anniversary!



THEME:  Step Out By Faith
2014 was a transitional year for Berean Baptist Church.  We moved out of the storefront that we began in and started conducting services at J.A. Hargrave Elementary school.  We chose this location because our property is right next to the school.  We were able to see 38 souls saved and 6 baptized even in a school setting.  We took 4 new missionaries on for financial support.  We also were able to raise the funds for a down payment and began the process of constructing our first facility.  It seemed appropriate that our theme should be 'Stepping Out By Faith."